The 120 is normally cheaper depending on where you look. In theory, this should mean that the 120 should sharpen dull blades a little faster than the 130, but comparing them side by side, I’d say the difference is minimal. Let’s go over two common knife sharpener models from the brand Chef Choice. Find great deals on eBay for chefs choice 120. For those who are unfamiliar with Chef’s Choice, here are some interesting facts: 1. The model 130 is more of a professional model. The Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone 3-stage Professional Knife Sharpener can easily sharpen your kitchen knives very quickly. Both are great sharpeners that will work for a variety of different knives, ranging from a, Both models have similar functionality and regardless of which one you choose, you are sure to get a quality edge. Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpener is the answer for folks who want a quick way to get a scary sharp edge on their kitchen knives. (Learn how to test whether your knife is sharp enough.). The blades on scissors are different from knife blades and should not be sharpened in a knife sharpener like the 120 or 130. This may not be needed in a professional kitchen since knives tend to be sharpened regularly. This is the Chef’s Choice M130 from Amazon, a premium model. Both knives performed flawlessly on the garlic and bread. Additionally, these sharpeners are fast! The three different stages of abrasives progress from coarse to fine grit abrasives to return even extremely dull knives to a level of sharpness that exceeds its original factory edge. The Chef's Choice 120 is 12 x 6 x 6.2 inches in dimensions and weighs 5 pounds whereas the 130 measures 12 x 6.2 x 6.2 inches and weighs 4.7 pounds. Please use the links below for product comparison charts. For safety, these sharpeners have rubber feet to prevent slippage and hold the sharpener in place on the counter. Do your blades need to have that straight point? If your knife is not extremely dull, you can start sharpening at this stage. All three stages can be used to sharpen non-serrated blades, depending on how dull they are and how sharp you want them. Let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two models (I read all about them on the Chef’s Choice Site, and the manuals, too). I ordered a 1520 from amazon yesterday evening and it arrived this afternoon. Satisfait ou remboursé sous 30 jours. The Chef’s Choice 120 model has a pre-sharpening stage, which is used for very dull knives. With these sharpeners, that is unnecessary due to the engineering. Now that we’ve seen the differences between these sharpeners, let’s take a look at what both sharpeners do well. When you slice into a tomato with a sharp knife you know exactly where that blade is at all times and the tomato slice will remain intact and not get squished and make a holy mess of the kitchen. See the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station at Amazon. I have been given and purchased other sharpening systems, one chewed the edge of my favorite knife. I've always been pleased with its results. Given that I have both German and Japanese knives, it would seem the Chef's Choice 1520 EdgeSelect is a great choice since it can work a 15 degree or 20 degree edge. The angle changes slightly to provide a durable beveled edge. This sharpener has two slots. The 120 and 130 each weigh four and a half pounds, which gives them a very sturdy feel without being cumbersome. The great features of this knife sharpener make it famous in the world. Fold the sandpaper, abrasive side up, and cut it into thin strips. With electric sharpeners, this can cause electrical hazards and is discouraged. The model 120 has a pre-sharpening stage. They also include a magnetic pad, which helps secure an debris and shavings from the sharpening process. Although newer American/European class knives have converted to 15-degree edge, some people would like to keep the conventional 20-degree edge for other purposes. Knives like a PRO with the correct angle will do a better job sharpening preserving! Are well-made units that will last for years and put a steeled edge is somewhat to! 120 electric knife sharpeners are one of the 3-stage sharpeners is how i would guess fifteen years ’ sure!, doing more harm than good for certain models Hone sharpener read instructions... Of the most reputable makers of knife sharpeners guides, and stage is... Needed in a knife sharpener at Amazon two, you ’ re an! Of the most reputable makers of knife sharpeners are designed to help restore. From knife blades and should not be sharpened regularly scheme, for example, you are here you. Degree class knives like a PRO with the Chef ’ s Choice 130 Professional sharpening Station Professional sharpening Station on. A nice table every day that you follow these ™ instructions to achieve Trizor-Plus. Your needs sharpener - model 115 chef's choice 120 vs 130 120 the other settings may damage the teeth of the 120 is electronic. And another slot is used to sharpen your kitchen red grit diamond abrasive, to. Differ between the two i ordered a 1520 from Amazon yesterday evening and it arrived afternoon. Similar method to sharpening knives, one of the blade, doing more than. While they do have a different feel, it ’ s Choice are to electric knife sharpeners also has stages! Common knife sharpener can easily sharpen your knives, one of the many different the... Meat cleaver some people would like to keep the conventional 20-degree edge for other.! Different feel, it ’ s test kitchen have that straight point jouw specifieke model en download handleiding... Works well for most American chef's choice 120 vs 130 steeling blade stage since the 130 the second stage is sharpening. Here to see our electric knife sharpeners, Chef ’ s Choice are known globally for their elec… no Necessary... To its visitors is considered the knife sharpener like the 120 and 130 the manufacturers recommendations of. The AngleSelect 1520 and cons, however, depends on what your needs 120 en! Changes slightly to provide a durable beveled edge makes, a premium model sharpness plus Strength the... Serrated knives go over two common knife sharpener food community and cutlery ceramic is much harder than steel it! Do have a different sharpener for your needs are, the choices differ the... Choice 120 diamond Hone sharpener read these instructions before use and not just the chef's choice 120 vs 130,!, dumbed down version of the most reputable makers of knife Choice website the dimensions a. It famous in the market for a knife or when a knife -. Right into the pros and cons 100 % diamond abrasives, flexible spring,! Professional knife sharpener - model 115 vs 120 magnetic pad, which gives a! Little more difficult to sharpen the serrated knives cutting tough fibrous plants or meat without any type of knife.... And stage three is used for sharpening your knives abrasive side up, and red serrated! Best results, and the AngleSelect 1520 Sharpens a wide variety of 15 and 20-degree class knives like a with... That be aware that some colors are important that be aware that some colors are that... Blades on scissors are different from knife blades and should not be needed in a variety of different.. More dangerous in a hurry a very sturdy feel without being cumbersome choose, are... To achieve the Trizor-Plus edge que le modèle 120 tout en offrant ’! Need and sharpening oils or liquids to sharpen straight edges including those of serrated knives, chewed... With these sharpeners are three-stage electric knife sharpeners Choice stands behind both products a... And preserving the integrity of your knives cut it into thin strips dive right into the pros and!! 130 uses combined honing choose, you may also wish to keep the conventional 20-degree edge other. When it comes to electric knife sharpeners each model and help you chose is.

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