Theory 101. For example, a new chord shape might be seen as an extension of a common barre chord. Guitar Theory 101 // Lesson 1 // Notes of Western Music. Dive into guitar theory … Ultimate Guitar. Wherever this … TigerSteve. Learning guitar theory, so music theory specific to the guitar, will free up your playing and take your performance level to previously unimagined heights.Learn the basics with our online beginner guitar lessons, and in the meanwhile, start learning the music theory of playing the guitar … Guitar theory will explain what musical elements are, what they do, and how they fit together. While music may seem like a very complex thing, it is derived from only 12 musical notes. Basic Major scale theory. Part 1. If you want to play music, you must understand how … Guitar theory is an area of study that explains how you can play, improvise, and compose popular music on the guitar fretboard — and why certain elements of music go together the way they do.

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