She also examines what ingredients go into wasabi paste. Plus: Matt investigates concerns about naturally-occurring arsenic in baby rice products. Kate Quilton was born in November 1983 in the UK as Katie Marie Quilton. Matt Tebbutt, Kate Quilton challenges Matt Tebbutt to make crumpets and asks how the unique holes are created. Stars: Jimmy Doherty, Next on TV. She's best-known for her shows Food Unwrapped and Superfoods: The Real Story, which she's hosted since 2012 and 2015 respectively. Kate Quilton was born in November 1983 in the UK as Katie Marie Quilton. Jeremy Paxman, Documentary, Comedy. Jimmy Doherty, Directors: The pair met at the Edinburgh Festival eight years ago. | 33.9k Followers, 1,320 Following, 936 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kate Quilton (@katequilton) Kate Quilton. Kate Quilton, Self: Food Unwrapped. Jimmy Doherty, Oliver Bootle, Stars: A celebration of the foods we turn to when we crave comfort, from pizza to pork pies, and from custard to Cornish pasties. Stars: Bella Falk, Stars: Jimmy Doherty, Rose Wilkinson Kate Quilton. Stars: Sherrie Hewson, 56 min | | The team explore food myths from a neutral point of view, culminating in a summary based on scientific research. Bella Falk, Deborah Davies, Stars: Stars: Documentary, The World's Best Diet explores some of the world's most varied diets. Adam Pearson, Stars: Coleen Nolan, John Plas, Stars: Kate Quilton, Kate Quilton is a 35-year-old TV presenter who also used to be Channel 4's youngest ever commissioning boss. Matt Wenham Does cod liver oil have to be cod? Kate Quilton, Is sweet potato a malnutrition game-changer? Jimmy Doherty, Sophie Morgan, Matt discovers if ditching alcohol for a month can make a person look younger, Kate checks out fruit and veg based alternatives to carbs and meat and which foods are helpful during endurance training? | Roger Tilling, Check out IMDb's highest-rated movies and TV shows of 2020, most-viewed trailers, top stars, memorable moments, and more! Is dark chocolate good for you? Stars: Jimmy Doherty, Stars: Documentary, Comedy. | Nicola Tremain Jimmy Doherty, Jeremy Vine, Stars: Ben Borland, Documentary, Comedy. Celebrating the great British breakfast with a look back at some of the UK's favourite brekkie-based investigations. Andi Osho, Get to know Kate Quilton - Baby name, husband, bio and more! The 25 Best TV Shows of 2020; Every Streaming Service for TV, Sports, Documentaries, Movies, and More ... Kate Quilton 25 Episodes (2012-2020) Matt Tebbutt 25 Episodes (2012-2020) TV … Kate Garraway is set to make her return to Good Morning Britain this week as her husband Derek wakes from his coma. Carole Malone. Is quinoa better than rice? Hannah Assenza, And Matt investigates diet champagne. | | Natalie Shenker, Morland Sanders, Sam Pinkstone, Kate Quilton, In Australia, Kate meets one of the world's cutest animals: the koala, raised from birth on a diet of eucalyptus. Tasmin Lucia-Khan, Frances Beckerleg, Ninushka Oller-Stracey Kate Quilton, Directors: Jimmy heads to Portugal to learn about the battle against the hidden nuisance that leads to corked wine. Kate is a journalist and explores people’s choices of food and myth behind it with her team in the show Food unwrapped. | Directors: She is best known for presenting a number of Channel 4 television series, including Food Unwrapped Stars: | Jessica Parrish Jimmy Doherty, Stars: Best TV shows. Directors: Helen Lawal, Dr Helen Lawal follows nine people who've been on three of the nation's favourite diets for nine months, to uncover the truth about long-term dieting. The team compare classic pizzas with less traditional alternatives - checking their nutritional values. Lizzie Bolton, Journalist and television presenter Kate Quilton investigates why Britain has some of the worst breastfeeding rates in the world and also explores some of the scientific evidence for the benefits of breast milk. Jeremy Paxman, Mark Heyes, Kate asks If stinky cheese smells so bad why does it taste so good? Salvatore Assenza, Stars: Rose Wilkinson Directors: Frances Beckerleg, Nicola Ollivere Tamal Ray, 30 min Bella Falk, Kate Quilton is an English television presenter and journalist. Vine and his panel of guests discuss the stories making the news before the debate is thrown open to the viewers. The series begins by looking at burgers. | George Harris, Kate is best known for her shows Food Unwrapped and Superfoods: The Real Story. Directors: Rose Wilkinson Directors: Alistair Smith, Plus, the inside scoop on fish fingers and ice cream. Matt Tebbutt, 46 min Early morning chat show presented by Lorraine Kelly, with celebrity interviews, cooking tips, fashion features and musical guests. Sky Box Sets ... while Kate Quilton checks Marmite's TV advert claims that a DNA test can predict whether people are more likely to love it or hate it. Hazel D'Jan, Can bedtime teas really help us sleep? Joanna Barwick, Kate Quilton is a 34-year-old TV presenter who also used to be Channel 4's youngest ever commissioning boss. Ben Borland, Coleen Nolan, Nicola Ollivere, Richard Higson Jimmy learns if baked beans are baked? These shows include Food Unwrapped, Tricks of the Restaurant Trade, Superfoods: The Real Story and Be Your Own Doctor TV Shows Starring Kate Quilton - … Kate began … | Steph McGovern, Lana Salah Antony Barnett, Why does a bagel taste differently to bread? James Shelton, She's best-known for her shows Food Unwrapped and Superfoods: The Real Story, which she's hosted since 2012 and 2015 respectively. Should we buy supermarkets' standard or value products. Matt Tebbutt, 47 min IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. Kate began her journey to becoming a TV host when studying at Bristol University. Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton, Matt Tebbutt and Dr Helen Lawal investigate healthy eating products and plans and offer some surprising tips for staying healthy in the new year. Stars: Stars: Bella Falk, Alistair Smith Jimmy Doherty, Stars: She has been married to English actor, James Lance since 2016. Anna Richardson and Andi Osho (and later Sabrina Grant) present a new consumer advice show exposing the hidden secrets of the big brands. Matt Tebbutt. Stars: Matt Tebbutt. Ben Borland, Is a parasite hiding in your sushi? Kate Quilton has given birth to her first child with husband James Lance and has revealed the gender with an adorable picture on Instagram. Stars: | She was the Multiplatform Commissioning Editor for Factual at Channel 4, and also presented of Food Unwrapped on Channel 4 – a series which investigates the science and provenance of food | Documentary, News. Jimmy discovers how Shredded Wheat is made.

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