Independent. Identifying kids’ strengths is just as important as focusing on their challenges. Use this list to help identify your child’s strengths. A list of common academic strengths. Examples for each of the strengths are below: Amanda Morin Empathetic. Parenting strengths and weakness. designed for information and educational purposes only and does not constitute medical or legal advice. Participate in various activities together where you're able to observe your child's behavior. Caring and kind. Each child has a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Her general interests often indicate her strengths because she feels confident in certain tasks or talents. Listen to a narrative about his day at school: He may focus on his performance in physical education, indicating a strength in hands-on and physical activities. Trustworthy 4. Honest and trustworthy. Fearful 2. Recognizing and talking about these strengths can help your child thrive. Explore your child's different learning styles to help understand his performance at school. Another way to look at weakness is to say a lack of (1-50 strengths). Albert Einstein said, "Everybody is a genius. Scholastic; A Place for Everyone: Nurturing Each Child's Niche; Bruce Duncan Perry, Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning: What Are Children Trying to Tell Us? Understood is a nonprofit initiative. Enthusiastic 2. Understood does not and will not take money from pharmaceutical It's essential to do your best to sell your qualifications to the interviewer , so you're a strong contender for a job offer. This website provides information of a general nature and is She is a support worker in the neonatal intensive care and antepartum units of her local hospital and recently became a certified group fitness instructor. Get tips on how to talk to your child about strengths and weaknesses. Kay Ireland specializes in health, fitness and lifestyle topics. worked as a classroom teacher and as an early intervention specialist for 10 years. “Understood” and related logos are trademarks of Understood For All Inc. And what is the importance of doing so? Spread an array of toys, books and art supplies in front of your child and watch to see which she gravitates toward. But some strengths can be harder to notice — like being a good listener or working well in groups. 2) Second, check for weaknesses. Each child has a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Sign up for weekly emails containing helpful resources for you and your family. Loyal. We do not market to or offer services to individuals in the European Union. companies. Read on to know the strengths you need to develop, the weaknesses you need to overcome and the effective parenting skills you need to learn. You'll learn much from the toys she chooses versus those she tires of quickly. Some strengths may be easier to notice than others. Child Strengths Checklist Child's name Person filling checklist out Date: Below is a list of positive or good behaviors. Conditions. This is especially true for kids who are struggling in school. Amanda Morin, worked as a classroom teacher and as an early intervention specialist for 10 years. So, how do we better acknowledge our personal strengths versus our personal weaknesses? Then we flip the exercise. Children have many different kinds of strengths. Play with your child on a daily basis.

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