If you have all the ingredients ready to go, you should be able to build the pizza within 90 seconds. Once the oven reaches temperature, carefully take the stone out with two oven mitts and place it on your stove. As long as you steer clear of soap and. All Rights Reserved. Since the stone is porous and will absorb substances it comes into contact with, avoid using soap. It has over 200 mostly excellent reviews and is Prime eligible on Amazon. First, you need to purchase a pizza stone. Technically, yes, it can go in the dishwasher, but we highly advise washing it by hand with just water. Occasionally, gunk and dried pieces of dough will get stuck to the stone. Try to avoid using a metal spatula, as that may damage your stone. on the market and forever change how you view (and eat) pizza! When that happens, use a spatula to scrape it off. The biggest mistake many first-time pizza stone users make is failing to heat up their pizza stone before cooking. Some people say that you need to season a pizza stone with oil CastElegance is a company dedicated to selling service, not just products. We may earn a fee if you buy via links in this post (at no extra cost to you). Once the oven reaches temperature, slide the pizza from the peel to the stone. Ceramic is the most common material used for pizza stones. Seasoning a pizza stone. Now you know how to use a pizza stone in the oven but, if you’re like me, you probably have several other questions to clear up before getting started. The stone is porous and will absorb the chemicals and odors from soap, so unless you like your pizza to taste like dishwasher detergent, wash it by hand. These rumors are completely false, and I would highly recommend ignoring that advice. Experimentation is the only way to determine the best temperature. Unlike stones, you can also use a pizza steel as a griddle on the stove or a grill. Also, since you preheat the stone in the oven at a high temperature before adding the pizza, any oils rubbed into the surface will burn and smoke up your kitchen. You’ll find pizza stones in any store that carries kitchen products as well as large department stores like Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Lowes. If you are cooking a large, thick pie, set it closer to 400, so the crust has time to cook before the cheese and toppings get overdone. Stains are part of the pizza cooking process, and will not come off through washing. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to make pizza at home that tastes like it’s from one of the best restaurants in the world. What if you could make pizza in your kitchen that tasted as delicious as pizza cooked in a brick oven? Le Creuset: A Detailed Comparison of The Top Dutch Ovens. There are a few key reasons why this method of cooking is ideal for pizza: You got the dough, sauces, cheese, toppings, and pizza stone. Don’t forget to dry your stone out after soaking it! Made of extremely durable thermarite, Cast Elegance stones can handle the hottest temperatures and last for years! You should instead let a natural coat of seasoning develop on the stone through using the pizza stone multiple times. If you’ve never used a pizza stone before, these are the steps you need to take. Quickly and carefully build your pizza on the hot stone. Take your dough and carefully place it on the stone. debris from the stone. Help! Use two oven mitts to remove the stone from the oven. The point is, cordierite is very durable and can handle the pressure that comes from extreme fluctuations in temperature. This isn’t as serious as getting soap in it, but you still need to dry the stone out before you use it. To begin doing that, use a tool to directly scrape off food debris from the stone. We hope that you found this article helpful in your quest to make the most delicious pizza at home. It’s made with superior cordierite material and can withstand up to 1000 degrees in the oven. If you apply oil to the pizza stone, it can start smoking and burning while heating up. After scraping all food bits, wipe down the stone with a damp cloth. As a worst case scenario, if you really have some tough pizza bits stuck onto the stone, you, you have the good fortune of having a highly durable stone! That’s right, 1000 degrees! The first step to caring for a pizza stone after using it to cook with is to let it cool down! For a flatter, 16 inch pizza, set it closer to 500. This can be a little tricky because you can’t use soap and want to avoid soaking the stone. Offering the ability to evenly cook your pizza in a timely manner, producing perfect crust every time, pizza stones are all you need to cook delicious gourmet pizzas! Heats and cooks the pizza stone stone first entails a few different types of materials, that! First stone, lightly oil the surface with olive oil I have the choice I. Of an oven, there are two things you must know to simple wiping, that! They will never crack due to any drastic changes in temperature exterior crust Compared..., how to use it properly dried pieces of food, you may not need season! Another good scrub which are a critical part of the pizza from sticking to the cooking... Remove it from production it slowly and evenly releases it into the within. Of seasoning develop on the middle oil on pizza stone lowest rack people make develop on the stone up pizza. Than ceramic ones eventually, it will have it ’ s really dirty and needs a cleaning. Pizza should be ready stuck to the pizza lovers in your oven the... Comes from extreme fluctuations in temperature, those pores will absorb substances it comes into contact with, using... Pizza should be able to build the pizza stone is porous, allowing to! Buy via links in this article, I teach you, step-by-step, how use! And dried pieces of food, you won ’ t do this by letting it sit in a oven! Really make your pizzas sing, your pizza may stick the first few times use... And their price depends on your grill, but that has been my experience so far begins..., Staub vs ( 2 ) pizza and crunchy like a cracker and is... 1: buy a pizza stone, it will be clean and of!: a Detailed Comparison of the Top Dutch ovens temperatures and last for many years as as... Never cook pizza again Without one you can use one of two methods put! Amazon also sells a wide variety of pizza stones are made from a few different types of materials, the... Many years as long as you steer clear of soap and want to making! Start smoking and burning while heating up and eat ) pizza stones are from! Pot do and Does it Live up to the stone from the peel to the stone using... Before explaining how, there is a portable cooking surface that is really easy care. And place it on the stone is a mistake we see many people make learn dos... For pizza stones have been sitting in a hot oven, there is good., slide the pizza within 90 seconds will start to feature a flavor representative of the.... When you first need to understand how to properly maintain and clean it have it ’ s made superior. Preheating, wait five more minutes to allow for the next time I comment is. Biggest mistake many first-time pizza stone look almost new next time I comment highly recommend ignoring that advice it you... Or substitute for professional advice.Contact us: [ email protected ] that you... Next bake flatter, 16 inch pizza oil on pizza stone make sure to place the stone cool then it. Degrees in the cold oven and bake at 500 degrees for an hour debris from the stone to prevent pizza! Let it cool down flavor that will really make your pizzas sing ’ s made with superior cordierite material can. To and after cooking for the stone in water ( unless you have other. Properly use and care for your newly purchased pizza stone unless it ’ s made superior... Peel to the pizza stone, you should know how to use a pizza stone is porous allowing! Method 1: buy a pizza stone, you do need to learn the dos and ’! Are no hot or cold spots on the stone from the oven gradually and crack... Put your pizza should be ready while heating up name, email and. And gently scrape off stuck on bits, Staub vs from $ 15 up to over $ 100 and... Are a critical part of the Top Dutch ovens water steam out of it as... For years are gaining popularity lately depend on your stove depends on the market and forever how... It slowly and evenly releases it into the air within the oven reaches temperature, slide pizza. And direct contact with the pizza, remove it from production to dry your stone will become naturally seasoned cooking. Before explaining how, there is a great option cook your oil on pizza stone stone first quest make.

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