Sign up to get the latest on sales, special fiber & crafting events, and more! The fleece should be bright cream to white, uniform, dense, and high yielding with a long and fine staple of a minimum of 4.5” for a year’s growth. California Variegated Mutant (CVM)/American Romeldale, Gulf Coast Native (Florida Native, Louisiana Native), Karakul (Astrakhan, Bukhara, Persian Lamb), Leicester Longwool (English Leicester, Leicester, Bakewell Leicester, Dishley Leicester, Improved Leicester and New Leicester). NOT an actual dyelot photo. 3-4+ inches. Click to See All Deals. Hand dyed Rambouillet wool roving in Three Waters Farm colorway Blue Flourish. Fast & Free shipping on many items! They are extremely soft with an airy, lively characteristic all their own. Rambouillet was developed by the French in 1786. The Rambouillet descends entirely from the Spanish Merino. Grade should be uniform across the fleece with a Bradford count of 60-64 in rams and 64-70 in  ewes (editors not: transllate to microns). Then Rambouillet is the perfect choice. Wool Top Rambouillet Spinning Felting Dye #1 21 Micron Product of the USA. The Europeans, and those of similar mind, did not cross breed, keeping the strains separate. I have read that it has a bit longer staple length than merino as well. This would be a great one to experiment with dyeing wool … Mar 31, 2017 - Hand dyed Rambouillet wool top Good for spinning, felting, blending, & petting upon occasion This is a very old breed, originating in the village of Rambouillet, France in 1786. Rambouillet is an old breed, originating in the village of Rambouillet, France in 1786. Prized as French Merino. Great for: Spinning, thrums, needle-felting, wet-felting, accessories, weaving, other arts and crafts projects. However slight bleeding may occur especially in darker shades. In the braid, it seems “poofier” yet This resilient breed of sheep that was first developed in the late 17th century in Rambouillet, France by selective breeding between a select few hundred of the best Merino sheep from Spain. It is soft like merino, but has way more boing and bounce. Wool is probably the most popular fiber to spin, ... Rambouillet • 2 – 4 inches staple length ... make strong, lustrous, worsted yarns for knitted and woven outer garments. Check out our other hand painted fiber and yarn 100% Rambouillet Wool Weight: Roving (Top)113 grams (4 ounces) Great for: Spinning, thrums, needle-felting, wet-felting, accessories, weaving, other arts and crafts projects. It is also know as French Merino. Excellent for both felting and spinning.Amount: 1oz ** NOTE: Pictures represent approx 12 ounces or … Rambouillet is the perfect fiber for next to the skin softness. Certified Rambouillet wool is a luxury, bringing ranchers a premium price at market. It’s really not that hard though. The long, light-shrinking staple of this dense fine wool is perfect for spinning. It's soft, squishy, takes dye like a dream, and is easy for me to spin. To see our full privacy policy click here. Some small sheep farmers even sell their Rambouillet wool to artisan crafters on Etsy for $70 a pound or more. Mar 28, 2013 - Rambouillet wool roving is also known as French merino. Rams generally weigh 250-300 pounds and ewes 200-275. $6.99. About this Fiber_____ Specifications: 21.5 micron, bulk 3-inch staple. 3-4+ inches. Sold in 4 oz braids Perhaps it’s the way it drinks up dye, yielding rich, vibrant colors. Your input is very much appreciated. Required fields are marked *. You can unsubscribe to these at any time. Rambouillet Wool Top. Rambouillet Wool In terms of fleece qualities, think of Rambouillet as a Merino cousin with a bit more bounce. The long staple of fiber may tangle during spinning, therefore, spinning from the fold is the best technique to use. Merino flocks were sent around the globe along with the Spanish Empire, but as Spain started to fail, so did the breeding programs. The Rambouillet is the French version of the Merino, created after 1786 when the Spanish relaxed their centuries-old ban on the export of Merino sheep. Fiber: Rambouillet Colorway: Cowgirl Weight: approximately 4 ounces 100% Rambouillet is a perfect choice for spinning or felting. But the strain of Rambouillet in France retained the original features, and even got bigger and finer. Rambouillet Sheep breeders listing & info. All fiber is dyed in professional acid dyes. When I started spinning, I was super confused. Rambouillets are large sized, rugged and long-lived with a strong flocking instinct. A fleece should weigh from 8-18 pounds with a yield of 35-55%. Handdyed Rambouillet wool roving in Three Waters Farm colorway Variation on Jacket Rack. In the braid, it seems “poofier” yet You will receive fiber from a different dyelot. After spinning, I’ll … The staple link is approx. Black Friday Deals Now Through December 1st. It is also know as French Merino. American- There’s something about this wool that inspires joy. Get the best deals on Felting Craft Spinning Roving, Wool & Fiber and find everything you'll need to make your crafting ideas come to life with Wool Roving for Hand Spinning and Needle or Batt Felting, groomed fiber, ready to spin luxe color and feel. Specifications: Breed: Rambouillet Weight: 250g Staple Length: ~4 inches Micron Range: 20 - 23. Though named for the town in France, the breed owes much of its development to Germany and the United States. Cotswold, Wensleydale, Lincoln Longwool Sponsored Listings. Wool Roving Fiber Top 6 lbs GRAB BAG BULK Spin wool, Felting Wool, Bulk wool. 4oz of 100% Rambouillet wool roving spinning fiber, hand-dyed by me. ... /Romney, Suffolk, Rambouillet and two or three more breeds, and another lighter Border Leicester wool. But the Spanish didn’t have the processing capacity and some of the wool was sent to neighboring France. All roving colors are … Rambouillet is an old breed, originating in the village of Rambouillet, France in 1786. All fibers are rinsed and set until the water runs clear. There are 8 oz dyed from the same package, check for the a and b. Rambouillet has many of the same characteristics as Merino, but with a … Looking for a spin that will leave you feeling exuberant? Colorway: 8675309 Jeni 1. Rambouillet Top. The ewes normally twin, sometimes more than once in a year. Feb 10, 2020 - Hand dyed fibers for hand spun yarn, felting, weaving, or knitting. When the fleece is parted to review the staple on the sheep, little to no skin should show. The sheep can be polled or horned – but the horns must spiral gracefully to prevent crowding. When the Moors invaded Spain in the 14th century, sheep came along for the ride and left a great legacy: Merino sheep. Colors: Brown, Tan, Green, Bits of Purple 4 oz … This created a rift in the Rambouillet breeding programs. Learn how your comment data is processed. Raw BFL/Teewsater Cross Locks. Posted on April 5, 2014 by juliablack. The problem was that the crosses reduced fleece volume because the amount of grease was so high, leaving a black crust on the surface of the wool, the yield dropped off precipitously once the wool was cleaned. In fact, it is known as French Merino. All the colorways shown here are one of a kind (NOT repeatable) and available in limited quantities at The wool averages 20-23 Microns, with a nice crimp and a length around 100mm. The first photo is of two braids wound Wool fibres will naturally link together with spinning thanks to the tension which develops when you twist them. Fine wools spin well into fine yarns for knitting and crochet projects. It knits or crochets up beautifully with wonderful stitch Spinning Wool.. There is so much wool, that I decided I would weigh the box and fiber together. $3.20 Saved from I have read that it has a bit longer staple length than merino as well.  3-4+ inches. The Rambouillet standard was established to protect the purer bloodline that Louis created. Excellent for both felting and spinning.Amount: 1oz ** NOTE: Pictures represent … The Rambouillet is a dual purpose sheep, producing a desirable carcass and good fine wool. It has fine fibers, a natural stretch and it’s incredibly soft — making that thick itchy heavy-duty sweater your grandfather wore a thing of the past. Excellent for both felting and spinning.Amount: 1oz ** NOTE: Pictures represent approx 12 ounces or … 1 sold. Carding machines have hundreds of tiny sharp teeth that align the fiber into a long strip. Feb 20, 2019 - Rambouillet is an old breed, originating in the village of Rambouillet, France in 1786. Raw Teewsater Locks. This is an ideal wool to blend with luxury fiber, as it will contribute elasticity without sacrificing softness. The rhythm of the wheel can feel relaxing and reassuring and can help you connect with our ancestors and the rich history of creating fabrics for clothing. They are the ideal wools for creating garments that can be worn against the skin, especially baby wearables. Your email address will not be published. The staple link is approx. They are perfectly suited to large, wide open outside country and their gregarious, herding instinct has made them the perfect breed for our area. Created by Elsie B specializes in unique hand painted spinning fiber, combed top, and luxury wools … Rambouillet Hand Dyed Roving (Combed Top) Hand Painted, Spinning Roving, Spinning, Felting Wool, American Wool 4 oz - Autumn Mums TheSheepyshire From shop TheSheepyshire Approximately 4 ounces. I would like to call this color “Watery” Rambouillet wool feels soft like merino. By subscribing to our newsletter you agree to receive emails with latest news from World of Wool. This is one of my favorite fibers to spin. Your email address will not be published. This yarn is made of less than 19 micron long-staple fibers that have been combed twice to remove any short fibers and spun parallel to each other (vs. a woolen yarn, which is randomly entangled).

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