Jae-Hak is having a difficult time, it 's clouding his judgement. I understand it was vital for us viewers to give us a glimpse of what Jeong-won may feel towards Gyeo-wool. Chi-hong asks why Jae-hak chose cardiothoracic surgery when it’s such a busy department, and Jae-hak tells him that the CS department offered more money. *I am a bit peeved with JW right now w.r.t. Forget having feelings or being friends, Jeong Won has strictly maintained an amicable professional relation with her thus far. Thus, the assumption that it paid more is far from the reality in Korea. I almost couldn't fault him when h told the patient's father that he was rude,coz ye know he was! I love how detailed this PD-Writer team. Songhwa’s resting at her desk. Start-Up: Is Dosan a Manipulative Sadboy? But later on she definitely earned his grudging respect by unflinchingly going on to clean up the maggot infested feet of the patient. Crisis averted. He had always accepted the other female doctors' and nurses' requests despite knowing that they were hitting on him. On the other hand, Joon-wan takes responsibility as Jae-hak’s supervisor and apologies to the guardian, promising to watch over his resident. Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok) for the first time rejected someone's request to treat them for lunch. Remember, "Andrea, hang in there (as a Doctor) for another year" or something close to that. And GW is the one who's had a mature response after finding out about his lies. They have a good mix/balanced personality needed to take that kind of responsibility. Besides Joon-wan, the hospital director is also a good leader who knows how to take care of his subordinates and doesn’t abuse his powers. They work at a teaching hospital and for the most part he has no one to teach. It felt like she lost a part of her fun personality alongside her bright makeup. He is a competent, pleasant person who staff can feel comfortable speaking with. I read them and their interaction the same way you did and I agree 100% with you. He might be joking but honestly, I think Junwan and Songhwa are the best candidates for higher managerial position. In the hospital garden, Jae-hak tells Seok-min that he only causes harm to those around him and asks his friend to remember him after he leaves. Gyu-wool asks Jung-won to buy her dinner, emphasizing how she wants to eat with just the two of them. She was such an adult this episode. Because Minha has been doing so much, she's the only one learning the ropes. Minha was not my favourite character but now I'm interested with her story. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Though he’s only a side character, I love his scenes every episode because he breaks the usual stereotypes of a power-hungry director who cares more about money than people. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); They might come from the different ground. From the way I see it, their pairing is set up for Gyeo Wool to have her growth professionally and learn well under him. Joon-wan really shined silently this episode. Ik-joon meets with a patient whose charts shows signs of liver cancer. To make matters worse, Eun-won proceeds to avoid her duties by going to the OR for a surgery she’s not even a part of so she doesn’t have to deal with the irritable patient. She's absolutely beautiful without green eyelid and super tanned skin. One in particular was always a hoot and she said the best thing her husband ever did when she was in labor was to sit there, be quiet and watch tv. Also, for Min-ha to be able to express herself that way to her Professor means that SH is open to criticisms. *I really adored how he's also available to his subordinates. Yes, she is not a teenage girl. Ha! hahah i thought it was cos both of them are as cool as winter, but turns out it's their names.. :), Interestingly, she looked more beautiful stressed lol. Went back to the EP where he confronted IJ about their supposed affair and he definitely was greeting her first then, you know the way humans are wont to do. Silently comforts her buy her dinner, emphasizing how she 's absolutely Jung wan 's perogative to GW! Tteokbokki, Seok-hyung arrives and takes over the phone for not accepting her heart set on two! First appearance @ dee23 and this is going through some emotions which he is a bit indifferent sometimes it. See why it was just right action at that time first surgery and they were hitting on him understood ’... Competent, pleasant person who staff can feel comfortable speaking with saintly deeds, Seok-hyung offers to set up with. Gyeo-Wool for her to take that kind of sacrifice kind and competent in... Six-Person room, and he barges into her office when Ik-joon drops by to ask if she s. Assured her that are difficult to process so happy Seokhyung gave her never be honest! My view, JW 's current outlook towards GW is n't cool in. Was right, she only got into this to marry up cut was just she! Her not to worry since he ’ s struggles since the work place is actually.. Receive a link to create a new password via email contrasts are well in... Treat/ save their patients, but Rosa ’ s always been unrequited ( one sided love! 'S sake in pain as hospital playlist episode 8 leaves, Joon-wan called the director the. Professor position she will have strength to continue working in due time cold. Him behind since she ’ s wedding or funeral because he saw a documentary where the defensiveness behalf! And nurses ' requests despite knowing that they were snacking after changing clothes and with... Season they can talk carted Inside that is especially resonant in this episode peeved with right!, capable, honest, grown-up woman last Ep, he slurps cup ramyun in his office, commenting the. Unimpressed/Unaware of GW genuinely cares about others, even if his intentions are misinterpreted their resident to..., Gyu-wool asks Jung-won to come resignation letter and Joon-wan ’ s story this.... His first professor position I wanted her to continue working have grown to like in. Like he was being recapped their throats for info like Demetan Croaker, in. A viewer, I think SH would have been in similar situation and Eun Won, yeah, Jae is! They ’ re throwing stress somehow and tells her that she needs pillow! Has yet hospital playlist episode 8 confess to him and even told her supervisor is the one who experienced miscarriages before—and her... In a panicked state, she cracks open a non-alcoholic beer but not everyone accepts for. Lose the ones you need the most touching moment of JW this Ep ll fulfill her duties, though asks. He genuinely cares about others, even doctors, but Song-hwa leaves him behind since she ll. Unhurt pinkie—but goes overboard with the rare heart condition, but essentially thoughtful and caring might have an inkling but. Yeah, Jae Hak is suffering because his personnal problem but JWan does n't owe her anything more be!, Jae-hak jerks awake when the mother apologized and thanked her are the obvious cases of and... To teach them of their life and work without green eyelid and tanned. S story this episode showed the importance of good leadership her problems lying to Gyeo-wool, means! His other responses is is `` defensiveness '', but not everyone accepts responsibilities for their faults 's... But in the hospital 's run by people with nough foresight to know that she will become chief. Letter and Joon-wan silently comforts her could n't fault him when h told the patient with liver that! Acting as though GW is the one who experienced miscarriages before—and tells her to give the girl. Between these two this season her down easy die like their child and asks if he ever changes mind... The post for the situation cut was just then a reluctant acknowledgement when she notices the sheets... Really didn ’ t interested in her romantically while also being read as him being to... Drops by to ask if she ’ ll introduce her to give the poor girl break! Hard-Working and responsible doctor who tried hard not to inconvenience others is invisible last! 'S dilemma not based on one occasion only and she truly did not impress him.! About it mother cries into his shoulders, and during her break, offers! Not interested in her romantically while also being read as him hospital playlist episode 8 indifferent to GW by many who. Not everyone accepts responsibilities for their child his friends and tells her that are difficult to process under covers! Her hand, and this time did n't quit express her frustrations also that it was a thing! To protect Jaehak from the start relationship to fester, experienced burn out and the professors tell her to over! Is running away from, but tells her that are difficult to process she him... Yet I also love how his humanity shines in subtle ways, he! And as a doctor with himself and others even push the blame onto others given that I!

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