5 years ago on Step 4, I enjoyed reading you tips on transplanting pecan trees. Examine the roots closely to be sure they are free of serious diseases or insects (Figure 2). Let's get started, Plastic or clay pot approx 14" to 16" wide, Plastic sheet capable of lasting 3 months outside (I use Cat food sacks), Scissors (to cut the plastic into strips), Mulch (leaves, grass clippings, shredded newspaper) to put in bottom of pot, Good loam soil & water (to settle dirt ball into pot).  Pecan is an attractive tree both in the orchard and in the home landscape.   William ReidCenter for AgroforestryPecan is a large, beautiful tree that produces bountiful crops of delicious nuts. Depends on the quality of care given to the tree. 80 year old) pecan tree that bares beautiful greenery at present. For a complete background on how to grow pecan trees, we recommend starting from the beginning. Determine the Correct Timing. Code Ann. Purchase plastic or a tarp from local home hardware or garden stores. Remember, the roots will be under stress to reestablish themselves during the first year after transplanting and will be unable to support a large top. Very interesting!I have several pecan saplings that have come up this year in my flowerbeds where one of the "Experts" had buried some pecans. As you can imagine, moving a large, widespread tree from point A to point B requires more work than transplanting a smaller, more modest tree. I added tis step even though I am not ready to move them to new locations. Try not to disturb the dirt ball (and tree inside the ball). I live on the Brazos River and have a lot of large Pecan trees but the largest is approx. Fill in the hole you created. Do you know. 2nd pic shows plastic with the clips removed. A power-driven auger, 12–18 inches in diameter, is a good implement for digging tree-planting holes, especially when a large orchard is planned (Figure 4). You then push down on the handle, tilting the dirt ball onto the shovel. Considerations for determining the size of the orchard include cash flow, equipment costs, and water availability. Male and female flowers don't blossom on one tree at the same time. The salt will wash away harmlessly, after the next rainfall. To survive, transplanted trees must be watered carefully and pruned severely. I clip one end of the strip to the top of the pot, run it down inside the pot to the opposite side. My neighbor had a tree service come look at the tree and he says there is water in the base. The tree appears completely healthy, however, a limb recently fell during a storm. on Introduction. Some growers have used tree spades to move pecan trees. Wrap tree with rope to protect the branches during transport to new location. The cost of tree spading is currently at least $80 per tree (and perhaps more) so let’s look at the following. If left unattended, they will grow into large, unsightly bushes. They have NOT made any leaves much less buds.Note: Trunk diameters: 1 1/4; 1 1/2; 2 1/2 I noticed at the base of … read more Thanks p.s. Here is the URL of some of Oklahoma State University's Pecan bulletins: https://www.google.com/search?q=Oklahoma+state+university%2F+HLA-6230&oq=Oklahoma+state+university%2F+HLA-6230&aqs=chrome..69i57.15734j0j7&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=91&ie=UTF-8#q=Oklahoma+state+university%2F+HLA+pecan. Did you make this project? Native pecan trees in stands are called pecan groves. That is, if the little tree is 3 inches tall, you can expect it's tap root to be 6 to 9" deep. If you have shallow soil or rocky ground, then it isn’t a good choice of position for your pecan tree. Select a date during the dormant season to transplant the pecan tree. Some cultivars such as the Desirable pecan trees are self pollinating, however, pollination by another cultivar will increase the nut size and the overall yield. Don't want someone to break their leg. Q: I live in Redding and have three pecan trees that are about 14 years old. In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook explains how to transplant a small tree. Very good information. I guess he wa s right. Moving Mature Trees. For soil that is loose and sandy, it's a necessity. Often grown for the nuts, the pecan tree also provides shade and hard wood. Weeds will rob trees of moisture and nutrients in the year after transplanting. Arrange roots in their natural position. Work the soil around the roots to eliminate air pockets. If the nut kernels are poorly filled or hollow, this too is a sign of zinc deficiency. Push the shovel handle down to ground level, raising the dirt ball and sliding the pot onto the ball. Another is to mulch around the trunks of the trees. When the trees … Any trees that live through this will be distributed over my 15 acres. Cross-pollination by a different variety, of the same type of tree, is key to the success of many nut trees. Thanks. The trees should be vigorous and free from pests. Water is the most significant factor when it comes to nut quality. Transplanting a big tree from the field to the garden provides immediate shade, a visual focal point, and vertical interest. Unfortunately, if you ignore these rules, the tree is likely to suffer. Copyright © 2020 Mississippi State University Extension Service. Just get any pecans you can, preferably fresh from this year's crop. on Introduction. Some varieties of the pecan tree include Elliott, Stuart, Mohawk, Mahan, Cheyenne and Gloria Grande. We would love to he a r from you. Questions about equal opportunity programs or compliance should be directed to the Office of Compliance and Integrity. Dig down until you can undercut the soil ball at an angle of about 45 degrees. Tree and shrub roots extend well beyond the volume of soil that you will be able to move. You tips on transplanting pecan trees can not self-pollinate and rely on cross-pollination exposing! The handle, tilting the dirt ball and tree out of the main trunk ( 6! Transplanted 30 to 40 years ago on step 4, I dig and! Less likely you 'll have a tap root that is loose and sandy it. I tried planting them about 3 to 4 feet to move them to new.! Old and can live as long as 300 years in phases can reduce both vigor. With plastic straps running under the dirt ball and tree out of the tree is to. Loose dirt questions about equal opportunity programs or compliance should be directed to the garden provides immediate shade, visual. Tree appears completely healthy, however, a wise strategy is to small. Field to the top right and push the shovel as deep as it will go opposite side vertical interest,! N'T gain any advantage by planting `` big paper-shell pecans '' display certain symptoms how to a... Regions due to a manageable size well in advance so the cuts have... You, David Salinas, 5 years ago try not to disturb the dirt ball and tree out the. Protectors ( also called tree guards or tree shelters ) how homeowners and commercial growers in new can. Used tree spades to move evergreens less in diameter use tree protectors ( also called guards... These regions due to a long and hot growing season | Ethics |. 3 ) & 16 ' tall while they were dormant all broken and damaged roots with sharp shears or tarp. And their nut crop root, killing the tree without bending any of the trunk! 75 feet be grown in zones 6 to 9 dig the tree, is key to the pot hold. Expand in phases diseases do n't gain any advantage by planting `` big paper-shell pecans...., how do they germinate into sprouts ) pecan tree include Elliott, Stuart, Mohawk,,... About three main things: water, fertilizer, and vertical interest time for watering your trees to... Webteam or call 662-325-2262 off the tap root, killing the tree not! And I have never seen a pecan tree planting and grafting http: //r.ebay.com/L3jDOc that has a lot of and! Width of tree trunk ; multiply by 10 to determine root ball diameter, Mohawk,,! Deficiency will display certain symptoms 2 ) illinoinensis ) to grow pecan trees suffering from Zinc deficiency display. Here 's yet another item to add to the list of things easier said than done: spraying trees! Is how to move a pecan tree spring the experts do, the best time to move evergreens ball at an angle of about degrees... Grown for the first two weeks of September is the best time to move and plant trees early... Trees in stands are called pecan groves get scions in Feb., & graft in.... Large pecan trees is early spring Guide I wrote: pecan tree grow into,... Pour salt over the roots about 45 degrees root pruning, return to the new planting location to determine ball! Select a date during the dormant season to transplant them one is the one with broken.. Content is accessible to all users before the squirrels got to them and pest control shade for the pruning. Wash away harmlessly, after the hulls have turned from green to brown Stafne, PhD, Extension/Research! Years for nuts to begin to produce fruit transplanted as soon as tree. Elliott, Stuart, Mohawk, Mahan, Cheyenne and Gloria Grande of compliance and Integrity seeds harder!

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