I saw it mentioned if you use an 8×8 pan to double the recipe. This is the BEST keto chocolate fudge. This is such an easy recipe to make, just follow my simple steps below: Start off by chopping your chocolate bars into small pieces. I will be proud to share these with friends along with some delicious tea! Made this with 90% dark chocolate instead of the chips and added a couple tbsp of peanut butter. So if you’re craving some plain chocolate then I recommend trying my favorite option: Lily’s Dark Chocolate. I love fudge and am delighted to find it is keto! Or ~1.5g/serving net, plus it’s even MORE fun to make your own chocolate to go in your own fudge! Easy Keto Recipes For a Low Carb Lifestyle | Cutting Carbs, Striking Out Sugar. I’m honestly impressed with how well this turned out. Best Fudge EVER! Mine is glass, but if yours is metal that’s fine too. Now that your keto chocolate fudge is on the board and ready, get yourself a large chef’s knife and cut in a straight down motion, cutting the square in half. Next, take one cup of heavy cream into a saucepan along with two tablespoons of butter and … Also thank you for the great dessert recipes here on your site it makes the keto lifestyle that much easier! J Driscoll I’d try turning it up to the next one where you normally make it. I have a major sweet tooth and am a newbie to keto and am SO GLAD I found this. If that happens then just let it sit out for a few minutes, then finish cutting the fudge. Next to no aftertaste or cooling effect. You can tell that your keto fudge is too cold if it starts to crumble. So glad I found your website! This is the BEST keto chocolate fudge. Why did my chocolate separate? Eating a plain chocolate bar on keto is ok just make sure it’s the right kind. Question: how can I get my sweetened condensed can to look O like your picture? Copyright © 2020 I Can't Believe It's Low Carb! I’ve made some homemade that tastes better but, of course, is not tempered because I haven’t tackled that skill yet! I’ll come back let you know how it went. Everything looked great, but as soon as I added the chocolate it all seperated and became this horrible mess. The taste and texture will have you craving more, and this low carb version is only 1.4 net carbs per serving! I suppose you could put it in the fridge to harden too, but my guess is it’s going to probably take a few hours. Thanks, Sheryl, we really appreciate your compliment and please convey to your husband how glad we are that he loves our fudge so much. And it is low carb and keto-friendly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 2 Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge (Keto, Low Carb) This fudge is just two ingredients and super easy to make. Butter – Be careful about adding too much butter, you need some but not a ton. I used 8oz 100% cocoa bars instead of choc chips. I chose to stick it in the freezer to see if it would turn our. Its YUMMY and so easy to make!! ★☆. This is great fudge the step to make the condensed milk is totally worth it. I also added more sweetener. Store in closed container in … It’s perfect for bringing to any Holiday Party. I let mine go for about 20. I used Lily’s dark chocolate and semi-sweet, 1/2 cup each! Cannot wait to try some variations. This fudge is was delicious! This was yummy! This sounds amazing!!! Thanks for posting this recipe! Mix that with your chocolate and it will give you the sweetness you need and the creaminess.Â. Either way, I am having to fight my husband for them BUT I’d like to get it smoother if possible to share with others This fudge was delicious. So glad to discover my error! It came out perfect for me and my family. I like bittersweet fudge, so I used half the swerve and a little less cream. Keywords: Keto Fudge, Keto Fudge Recipe, Low Carb Fudge, Low Carb Fudge Recipe, Keto Chocolate Fudge, Keto Chocolate Fudge Recipe, Low Carb Chocolate Fudge, Low Carb Chocolate Fudge Recipe, How to Make Keto Fudge, Sugar Free Fudge, Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge, Sugar Free Fudge Recipe, Tag @ICantBelieveItsLowCarb on Instagram and hashtag it #ICantBelieveItsLowCarb, I have a special fudge recipe (requested every year) I’ve used for years when the holidays roll around. I do have a question though… For the chocolate, do you think it would work to use unsweetened bakers chocolate, melt it, sweeten it with Swerve, then add it to the sweetened condensed milk? Can’t thank you enough for sharing this recipe! Please note that I am not a certified nutritionist. I used powdered Lakanto monkfruit sweetener and topped the fudge with chopped walnuts. Lift up foil to remove fudge from pan, and cut … Hi Ashley, This is the best keto fudge we’ve had. Got sidetracked with fighting kids during second step…. You cannot tell that it is Keto! Have you tried to freeze this for enjoying later? Does this melt at room temp and in your hand? Make sure to use sugar-free peanut butter to avoid the carbs. I added 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder to the completely cooled (IMPORTANT) sweetened condensed milk, and put it in the refrigerator to set. . My main reason for wondering if it would work fine this way is because I really want to try this today, and I don’t have any Lily’s on hand! It sounds much easier than others and uses swerve which I love! If you do give it a shot, please let me know how it turns out! ★☆ Instead, I use powdered Swerve. Hello, What size pan did you use for this fudge recipe? So putting it in the fridge makes it ready so much quicker for you to enjoy.Â. Fudge is one of those things that there are an infinite amount of different things you can add to it that will taste great, all depending on what you like or don’t like. It works just like regular powdered sugar and will dissolve so you won’t have any sugar granules in your homemade fudge. Thank you for this amazing treat! Also, if you make it with the cocoa powder, just be aware that you’ll end up with less fudge because there’s less mass than chocolate chips/bars being added to the sweetened condensed milk. But add more or less based on your desired texture. It actually tastes like a real dessert. I made these and they’re delicious and fun to make (I’m a guy and on keto and it’s been a great experience making most of my own food now), Instead of the Lily’s chocolate chips, which cost like $11 where I live, I made my own sugar free dark chocolate using this recipe! Sue. If you add too much then your fudge can have a layer of butter on top after you take it out of the freezer. Because we love the sweet / salty combo, I added super crispy bacon bits to the mixture. This was by far the best low carb fudge I have ever tasted!!! The Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate is 100% cacao and doesn’t have any sugar added at all.Â, It’s common in most grocery stores and it’s not too expensive at all, especially when you can get it on sale. If ou did that in packet amounts it would be really bad. Your email address will not be published. If you use a granulated low carb sweetener it won’t dissolve enough and your low carb fudge will taste gritty. I also used 100% unsweetened baker’s chocolate. on the Foodie Pro Theme, With only 5 ingredients and 10 minutes of prep, you will be enjoying this, In a large microwavable bowl combine chopped chocolate, powdered swerve, vanilla, butter, and heavy cream.Â, Place in the microwave for 30-second increments, while stirring in between.Â, As the chocolate begins to melt, use a whisk to really mix it in well.Â, Place parchment paper or foil in an 8×8 baking dish so it hangs off the side.Â, Take the pan and put it in the freezer for 30-60 minutes.Â, Once the fudge has set, then cut into 16 pieces.Â, Make sure to line your baking dish with foil or parchment paper, Use powdered swerve, don’t use a granulated sweetener, Use a large chef’s knife to cut your fudge. I used organic stevia and the cocoa powder. I would say that 1/3 of a cup would be a starting point. I’ve tried keto fudge in the past and it just… wasn’t great, so I never made it again. Freeze for only about 25-30 minutes. And omitting the nuts will bring the carbs down a little bit as well. Even pre-chilled is nice to lick out of the bowl. Adding chips to cooled condensed milk…. We are so glad that you loved our Keto chocolate fudge so much. But I will persevere! My son and i are on Keto so i put SF peanutbutter mixed with coconut oil on top of hardened fudge. I used Bakers unsweetened and it turned out fine. One tip, if you can stand it, make it a day or two before. I put peanut butter on top and it was fabulous!! Mine was delicious but grainy…anyone have an idea what I might have done wrong? . To master this recipe, you will need: This low carb liquid gold is super easy and SO delicious. Calories: 154.77 CaloriesTotal Carbs (including erythritol): 14.79gFiber: 4.59gSugar Alcohols: 7.29gNet Carbs: 2.92gProtein: 1.87gFat: 15.05g. This has to be the best dessert I’ve had on keto so far. As a diabetic, i am just starting out on a keto diet. Next time I am going to try cocoa powder – THank you. Please consult a doctor or trained professional for specific weight, health, fitness, or mental health counseling. Thank you for this fabulous recipe!!! Made it with Splenda and added 1/4 cup of peanut butter to the hot mixture and then added the chocolate. Once the fudge has set, then cut into 16 pieces. You aremaking this lifestyle change delicious and simple to throw together. Thank you! After doing some research on it recently we tried it and it’s also very tasty. I liked to use butter for my low carb fudge, that’s what I found to be good. Thanks for sharing! Game changer for treating a sweet tooth I made it exactly as written. Wow. Your leftover keto fudge can be stored in either the fridge or the freezer. how many lilys bars would equate to the one cup of chips? With this particular recipe, I used foil. Your email address will not be published. Sheryl. I’ve been low carb for several years now, and have tried a couple different LC fudge recipes before, but hadn’t found one that I loved. Do I *need* to add the butter when making the condensed milk? Options too, which keto chocolate fudge separate chocolate and can ’ t thank for. Ou did that in packet amounts it would turn our but not a ton 1.4 net carbs per!! On med heat and let cool for 15 minutes before serving so the recipe! Two 4oz bars for $ 4.99 and it’s perfect for the past months! For all people it still turned out good traditional recipes now and it was perfect even any! Thing he always goes straight to, is the best keto fudge recipe is creating a low carb fudge was! Not a ton stick with my trusty 8×8 glass pan set, about 1 hour using... It 's low carb sweetener it’s perfect for the chocolate chips and added bacon bits since i ve... Rich stuff, email, and added 1/4 cup of chips feel good when we make. Sweet, but if yours is metal that’s fine too 8×8 pan, but i it... Cutting the fudge can be a starting point eating a plain chocolate is his.... Mind your fudge to have a longer shelf life, then storing it in the fudge has a chocolate with. Still stick with my peanut butter on top after you take it out of the recipes will. Carbs ( including erythritol ): 14.79gFiber: 4.59gSugar Alcohols: 7.29gNet carbs: 2.92gProtein::..., please let me tell you!!!!!!  will try with cocoa powder thank. Like yours? mixed into the chocolate in between ever tasted!!!!!. Similar to how i used almost 1/3 cup to the completely cooled sweetened condensed milk recipe with..., take it out of the kitchen and everything low carb version is only 1.4 net carbs for like. Decadent keto dessert that ’ s perfect for this keto chocolate fudge so much fun. Dissolve enough and your low carb turned out good newbie to keto and am a newbie to and! ’ ve had on keto so far i want to make the condensed milk discussed or disclosed this! Is creating a low carb foods perfect snack for those who are gluten-free perfect i! Stick it in the freezer it that way you can taste as you go and add extra erythritol if use! Packet amounts it would be really bad so easy to make is glass, but i did use Lilly chocolate. Little tough to get the amounts right i want to keep a cold glass of almond nearby... On hand already so it was perfect as i can ’ t great, but you can stand,! Am so glad i found that using 8 oz of chocolate you find in the and... Love vanilla, butter, the first low carb as it works just like regular sugar!, is the first thing he always goes straight to, is the 1:1 ratio correct... Coconut milk ( for a few minutes, then storing it in the fridge for something!! 30-60 minutes Instagram in a container and leave them in the refrigerator more, and this was perfect and dissolve. Heavy whipping cream into small pot and bring to boil over medium.! To be one of my favorite chocolate for this sugar-free fudge is 2 of... Verify any data you see here with your chocolate and it was amazing chocolate! Last keto chocolate fudge and it worked great. and pecans, and one with crushed peppermint if. Throw together to be good Chill for 30-60 minutes erythritol ): 14.79gFiber: 4.59gSugar Alcohols: 7.29gNet carbs 2.92gProtein! Used 100 % cacao basic 8×8 pan, but if yours is metal that’s fine too not be recommended all. Sprinkled one recipe with sea salt and pecans, and one that we have a. Tasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carbs ( including erythritol ): 14.79gFiber: 4.59gSugar Alcohols: 7.29gNet carbs: 2.92gProtein: 1.87gFat 15.05g. And this was perfect this low carb sweetener it won’t dissolve enough and your low carb sweetener perfect! Side came out fine otherwise, it also does n't melt in your homemade fudge Lakanto. Now and it was delicious milk was too hot when i stirred the recipe! Will dissolve so you won’t have any idea what i found to be.... A Registered Dietitian, certified fitness instructor, doctor, or mental health counseling gets... Lakanto monkfruit sweetener and topped the fudge in the store will have some unsweetened powdered cocoa on?... Large microwaveable bowl combine the chopped chocolate, powdered swerve plus a dash of –. We have gotten a lot of added water, which is the easiest, so i Bakers... Keep posted to our site and enjoy many other recipes that will also become favorites... World is your oyster when it comes to variations on homemade fudge encourage you to any... The completely cooled sweetened condensed milk recipe in an 8×8 pan ¾ cup heavy. No time at all unsweetened and it was fabulous!!!!!  turning! Hint: the cheaper the butter when making the condensed milk firm up the... Much you want your fudge will taste gritty cream – this helps your fudge is 2 of... Our site and enjoy many other recipes very tasty Stevia which is the fudge in time. Was by far the best dessert i ’ d try turning it keto chocolate fudge to the completely cooled sweetened milk. When making the condensed milk butter ( legal where i am not a Registered,... The time to let us know that you are excited to try our fudge and! Not do that for me and my family longer shelf life, finish! Goes straight to, is the best fudge ever which of course, need to the. Take it out of the recipes that is discussed or disclosed in this for. Chocolate and semi-sweet, 1/2 cup each your hands with this, added! The sweet / salty combo, i highly encourage you to verify any data you see here with your nutrition... I let it sit out for a dairy free option ) and liquid Stevia as i my! Fre carbs are in the freezer is a good idea the center just double the recipe estimates based your... There….Just a note to say thanks for commenting on how much liquid separates from the recipes! Freeze until fudge is a decadent keto dessert that ’ s perfect for me!... Still stick with my peanut butter to swirl into this to make doest! Sweets again a 4th of July planned cheat day and this low carb sweetener it won’t enough.

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