In the example, I have tried the uniq command with the original file, but it only prints the output as it is, much like a cat output. The program will append the count to the beginning of each line. ]. If we include the -i (ignore case) option, though, these lines will be treated as duplicates. Using -D option : It also prints only duplicate lines but not one per group. Using -i option : It is used to make the comparison case-insensitive. It is often used with the sort command because it compares adjacent characters. This is pretty straightforward, but let me show you at an example so you can see it in action. It is one of the most frequently used commands in the Linux system. Many log files have the timestamp at the beginning of the lines. You can run these commands separately to achieve the same effect, but if you have never used a pipe (the | character) in Linux this is a great way to learn about them. The uniq command can count and print the number of repeated lines. Similarly you can skip a specific number of characters. If you want to see a list of every duplicated line, as well as an entry for each time a line appears in the file, you can use the -D (all duplicate lines) option. You may want to save this output so you can easily edit it or preserve it. Consider the below output: The '-f' option is used to ignore the fields. Consider the below output: The '-s' option is used to ignore the characters in comparison. Each line begins with the number of times that line appears in the file. The content in the file must be therefore sorted before using uniq or you can simply use sort -u instead f uniq. It actually discards the lines which are repeated and prints the first adjacent repeated line, which enables us to view the output properly. --version: It is used to display the version information. This document covers the GNU/Linux version of uniq. While using stdin is possible using the clipboard (copy/paste), this isn’t the most practical use. The uniq command is fast, flexible, and great at what it does. That’s why a big part of becoming proficient in Linux is remembering which tool will solve your current problem, and where you can find it again. By default, uniq is case-sensitive. Just like duplicate lines, we can filter unique lines … All Rights Reserved. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Comando básico de Linux. In this guide, we cover its versatility and features, as well as how you can make the most of this nifty utility. Also, it can be used to display a count of any word, only repeated lines, ignore characters, and compare specific fields. Check this out. Processing data can be a challenge. If you use the --group option, it prints every duplicated line with a blank line either before (prepend) or after each group (append), or both before and after (both) each group. We’re using append as our modifier, so we type the following: The groups are separated by blank lines to make them easier to read. This is the default. If you reverse the order, things will change. If you want the output sorted in numerical order, you can feed the output from uniq into sort. Want to get more out of grep? This way, we don’t have to use sort in every command. Just like duplicate lines, we can filter unique lines (non-duplicate lines) as … Linux and Unix uniq command tutorial with examples Tutorial on using uniq, a UNIX and Linux command for reporting or filtering repeated lines in a file. Linux uniq command-line utility is helpful to filter out the repeated or duplicate records in the file. But, if you're new to the Linux command line, there are several commands that make your life easier that you may not stumble upon automatically. -f, --skip-fields=N: It is used to avoid comparison of the first N fields. Therefore, line ChhatrapatiShahuMaharaj has been discarded in the below example: In the below example, I’ve used the -c option to cross-check whether the -d option is only printing the repeated lines or not: The -D option prints repeated lines and discards the non-duplicate lines. Developed by JavaTpoint. The sort command rearranges the text so that all items are in adjacent order first. However, you’ll notice the first line is blank. We use cookies to ensure you have the best browsing experience on our website. You can think of it as listing the first occurrence of each unique line. Learn to use the uniq command in Unix and Linux with these practical examples. If you use the count option here, it will show you the count of the unique lines it has found: Why would you need that? How to Hack WPA/WPA2 WiFi Using Kali Linux? count the number of occurrences of a word.

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