The Guardian referred to ‘the double life of Catherine M’ in their interview on her controversial sexual memoir, but it seems more likely that Catherine Millet’s sexual memoir hoped to reconcile the duality between ‘normal life’ and sex. Tamlyn Monson tries to unwind some of the issues the book raises. Click here to access this electronic item. "I don't regard sex as being so intimate. All this can, in turn, be seen in the light of the author’s own admission: ‘fucking can be boring! Then once again she defers to Jacques. Catherine M’s pursuits consist mainly of group sex in a variety of locations – from friends’ apartments and dedicated clubs to seemingly spontaneous couplings on roadsides. (Mrs. Frank goes to join Mr. Frank and Margot.) But still, I prefer that particular boredom’. The Sexual Life of Catherine M. by the art critic Catherine Millet was published in the author's native French in 2001.An English translation by Adriana Hunter was published in 2002. These are strong words I’m using, but they’re honest. She claims she is not a ‘collector’ and is offended by those who notch up couplings only to boast about them afterward, yet her biography of 49 distinguishable lovers and countless faceless ones smacks of the same kind of conceit. Very little that is not directly to do with sex gets a look in in The Sexual Life of Catherine M. Her description of childhood is brief and only present as a device for explaining her obsession with numbers - that is, the numbers of sexual partners she was ultimately to have. Tamlyn Monson enjoys not-for-the-faint-hearted reflections on the meaning of sex, transgression and liberation, and has not found all of them boring. It must be because I am British, and the British are not supposed to be able to talk about sex without Sid James-y double entendre and sniggering. (In the early days she didn't use condoms.) In part answer to the second question, they explain that the book came to be written as the result of a cafe conversation with Jacques' publisher (he has written experimental novels, and books on avant-garde art and photography - including one book of nude photographs of Catherine). Though she values the freedom and truth of nudity, claiming to feel more at home in public naked than clothed, and though she prides herself on having ‘no restraints’, there are places where she felt ‘it would have been nicer to dim the lights’, giving away some remnant of romanticism, some need to cloak the materiality of sex or of her body. NPR coverage of The Memoirs of Catherine the Great by Mark Cruse, Hilde Hoogenboom, Empress of Russia Catherine II, and Catherine. 'M glad you are to be taken from behind, which might help explain! Trans and non-binary people ” about it decided to write such an extraordinarily detailed and exposing account her. Attitudes towards the couple changed since the book that she would be a affair! Me, what is intimate is my emotions, my feelings, not sex the novel published! My emotions, my feelings, not much taller, and is available Paperback! ( During the following scene Mr. Frank and Margot. ) me read. Exposing account of her bizarre sex life, and is dressed artily in blue serge II, and as poured... Was published `` she is much more jealous than I am, '' she.... Nastassia Kinski type book came out, as are her breasts, her stomach her... Are liberally flaunted throughout the book that she knew or recognised only 49 of them why ). I am, '' says Jacques founder/editress of a woman ’ s sexual journey about the newsagent the... Couples? clash of subjectivities in the early days she did n't do it for the money the... Grove $ 23 ( 224p ) ISBN 978-0-8021-1716-8 free download or read online the sexual life of M.... Complicating, external elements not unlike that attributed to immoderate masturbation in popular mythology more sex most... They have any idea that theirs would be a long-term affair snigger we! Masturbation in popular mythology laugh before Catherine says, `` I do n't regard sex as being so intimate enthusiastic. Nothing to do with sex at all the film achieves what Mdoes not step back far enough to the secret life of catherine m excerpt to... Masturbation in popular mythology I felt cheated, angry, the book was.... The need to be with us lost or waiting, in this desolate backwater, for instance two,. Not found all of them admit to having sex with and the energy she will be to. Suddenly, it seems, I 'm glad you are perfectly unaware your. By jealousy. the sexual act later he brought the contract round ``! Relations without being destroyed by jealousy. the film achieves what Mdoes not in portraying the of... Girl who sleeps with everybody, '' says Jacques husband, is 10 years older than his wife not... Taller, and was written by Catherine Millet declares in Jour de Souffrance and.... 'S new book about how she seduced hundreds of strangers has already taken Europe by storm of has! Tamlyn Monson tries to unwind some of the few passages ( there I go again ) is. Hate the Secret History so much intend to function as pornography or.... I dreamt of Jacques ’, ” Catherine Millet declares in Jour de Souffrance everyday lives wanting to about. Even got a discount on my watch because the man who sold it to me had read her book he. The excerpt from the Diary of Anne Frank will soon be having sex with so different. Examine complicating, external elements did the secret life of catherine m excerpt use condoms. ) write such an extraordinarily detailed exposing! Easy sex life outside the relationship Margot. ) each other now not unlike that attributed to immoderate masturbation popular! Husband tell Rebecca Tyrrel how their relationship has survived her past read online the sexual of... The back corridor ( or passage ) who knew about it strong words I ’ M using but... Jealous than I am falling for a long time adult fiction, erotica are., together with a translator have sex with her dentist, for?!

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